• mission

    We create restaurants whose positive energy
    helps everyone feel connected.

We Throw the Best Party

What makes a great party? A beautifully designed space, excellent food and drinks, a great soundtrack and hosts who genuinely want to take care of their guests. There is no better description of what we offer every day.

Being a guest at Boqueria means connecting with others over great food, wine, sangria and cocktails in a fun and memorable space. Working at Boqueria means getting the training and support you need to be able to focus on taking care of guests.

We First

Our team strives to ensure everyone is able to play their role to the best of their ability in an environment that is supportive and free of discrimination. We recognize that everyone’s contributions play a part in our success. Together, we create an environment where co-workers and guests feel genuinely connected, hate to leave, and look forward to coming back.

Here are just a few ways we take care of each other…
making it that much easier to take care of our guests.

Dining Discount

All Boqueria employees receive generous dining discounts at our various locations. You make the party happen for others every day - we want you to enjoy it as well.

Healthy & Happy

We offer a variety of health insurance options, as well as dental and supplementary benefits through Colonial, so you can choose a plan that best fits your needs.

Movin’ on Up

We provide in-house food, wine and cooking training as well as career development plans for managerial staff. The better you do, the better we do!

Getting There

Getting to work shouldn’t be the hard part. All employees can take advantage of Transit Benefits providing you the opportunity of savings by purchasing your monthly Metrocard (useable for mass transit and/or parking expenses) on a pre-tax basis.

Community Minded

Tapas are about sharing. We take this concept one step further by participating in local fundraising events and donating to charities that are close to the hearts of our employees.

Explore and Discover

Group trips to local wineries, farms and bakeries that supply our products give staff extra insight to the quality and process behind our food and drink and an opportunity to bond outside of the restaurant.

We’ve Got This!

Few workplaces are as unpredictable as a restaurant. At any moment, 100 guests might walk through the door at the same time the power goes out and a new menu is being introduced. We rely on a team of talented and dedicated pros to deliver the excellence our guests expect from us. These are just a few members of our team that have grown through the ranks and make it happen every day.

Are Your Ready To Take It Up A Notch?

Whether in design, appearance, service, or the quality of our food and beverage, we are always evolving and working to improve Boqueria. We demand excellence from each other and our suppliers so as to create memorable and inspiring experiences for our guests. We are driven to contribute the best ideas and to sweat EVERY detail.

Apply Here!


The G.M., A.G.M. and Mangers are responsible for building an extraordinary service team, ensuring that guests consistently receive the best possible experience, and the restaurant meets or exceeds its financial targets.

CDC & Sous Chef (NYC)

The Chef de Cuisine and Sous Chefs' mission is to ensure consistency in the execution of Chef Vidal's culinary direction. They are entrusted with creating and leading a high functioning BOH team.

Payroll Specialist

The Payroll Specialist will work under the Finance Director in our NYC office and will be responsible of the weekly payroll and labor analysis for our five locations in addition to preparing various financial reports.

Admin. Assistant (NYC)

The Administrative Assistant will work directly with the CEO/Owner, Marketing Director, and Director of Operations to support them in day-to-day operations. This is as great opportunity for someone who wants to learn and grow within the industry!


As our guests’ primary contact throughout their time in the restaurant, a host is responsible for creating exceptional guest experiences.


Servers and Bartenders are responsible for providing friendly and responsive service and are an an integral component of building the restaurant’s profitability.

Don’t forget to laugh

We have our best ideas, are most engaging and effective when we are relaxed and having fun. Our guests are taken care of by people who love their job and look forward to coming to work. Here’s a peak behind the scenes: