Mother\'s Day Specials | NYC, DC & Chicago | Boqueria Tapas & Bar

Sunday, May 12th

Join us on Mother’s Day for Chef Marc’s Pollo Rustido Brunch Feast, a recipe inspired by his grandmother’s Pollastre a la Catalana. This Catalan style feast of roasted chicken, served with roasted seasonal vegetables, and salsa verde honors the tradition of communal Sunday meals with his mother and grandmother.

Enjoy the tradition at brunch, where the feast is topped with perfectly runny sunny-side-up eggs, or at dinner. Our a la carte menus of classic tapas are also available.



When Chef Marc mentions the classic dish of Pollastre a la Catalana, anyone who knows him can tell that he’s talking about more than a plate of wine-braised chicken with prunes and cinnamon. His face lights up, and you can see that even just in describing it, he is transported back to his native Barcelona; to smells wafting from his mother and father’s restaurant; to his grandmother’s kitchen on a cool summer night.

Most of us have dishes in our repertoires that incite similar memories for us. And while t he connection between food and memory is a scientific reality—the connection between food and family is something much more visceral and indiscernible. Even if you haven’t (yet) experienced the comforting flavors of Marc’s Grandmother’s Pollastre a la Catalana, your first bite may very well bring you back to a place all-too-familiar. That’s the magic of food. Whether it’s a dish that your mother always made you, a dish your mother never made you, or a dish your mother couldn’t make you; food has the power to take you home to the place you’ve never lived.

To all of the mothers and mothers of mothers (and others): thank you for the food — we’ll savor it as always.

Happy Mother’s Day!