Costa da Morte, A Coruña, Spain

Premier seafood destination in Spain. It’s common to find seafood caught that day or the evening before. Specialties include Octopus (pulpo a la Gaellega) and Squid. Mussels are farmed in the ocean on long ropes for 6 months or longer. Fishermen pull the ropes out of the sea to remove the fully grown shellfish. Fishing for Percebeiros (a type of barnacle) is said to be one of the world’s most precarious jobs. Galicia’s Costa de Morte (Coast of Death – a reference to the number of shipwrecks), is where percebeiros or barnacle fisherman risk their lives prizing the creatures off slippery rocks on these wild bays, finding the pots where the waves crash hardest so that the percebes taste of the ocean.

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