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BY URBAN MATTER Yo, the snacks here are to die for. This place is perfect for chillin’ with your best friends when you’re not hungry enough to eat a full meal. Just order a bunch of bites for the table and you can all share in this communal indulgence. Serving delicious food in a totally modern and welcoming setting is part of the Boqueria way, so you can hit this place up all day.
boqueria tapas bar interior
BY THE INFATUATION Boqueria is a chain with a bunch of locations around the city, but it’s still a solid spot for casual Spanish food and drinks. We like that the vermouth drinks here come on wooden boards with oranges, shishito peppers, cheese, and olives for no apparent reason other than DIY is trendy and cheese generally tastes good. In an ideal world, we’d show up here a few times a week and just order that, but the patatas bravas, bacon-wrapped dates, and spinach and fava beans should also be on your table.
boqueria interior
BY NEW YORK EATER Tapas really aren’t the ideal cuisine for groups, but Boqueria takes the guesswork out of them. For $49 per person (plus tax, tip, and drinks) in groups up to 10 at this location, the table gets a selection of tapas, paella, and churros con chocolate. Any preferences and dietary restrictions can be accommodated. The West 40th location takes up to 12, Flatiron up to 10, Soho up to 16, and Brooklyn up to eight people.    
PageHabit Cookbook Quarterly Summer 2018 Subscription Box Review
BY HELLO SUBSCRIPTION PageHabit Cookbook is a quarterly subscription from PageHabit that delivers a new hardcover cookbook for every season, annotated and curated by an acclaimed chef or author. Every package also includes selected kitchen tools and ingredients. The contents of the box are protected with so many squiggles! This is the Summer 2018 review! La Boqueria is Barcelona’s most famous and picturesque market. The card introduces us to Montados as well, which are flavorful toppings usually put on top of baguettes. Everything in my box! Don Bocarte Bonito Del Norte ($21.32) Unlike other canned tunas which are salty, this tastes fresh and really delicious. Don Bocarte has the luxury of a wonderful natural resource in the Bay of Biscay, where some of the tastiest
Salt Cod Fritters
These crispy bites are your one-way ticket to Spain. Visit San Sebastián and alongside jars of vinegary guindilla peppers and ropes of chorizo, you’ll find planks of dried salt cod, or bacalao. It’s in this Basque city where chef Marc Vidal learned how to turn this staple Spanish ingredient into crispy, savory fritters—a mainstay at both his NYC restaurant, Boqueria, and his new cookbook of the same name. If bacalaoisn’t available in a specialty store in your area, you can also order the dried fish online. Buñuelos de Bacalao (Salt Cod Fritters) Excerpted from Boqueria: A Cookbook, from Barcelona to New York, by Marc Vidal and Yann de Rochefort, with Zack Bezunartea (Absolute Press). Copyright © 2018 Yield: 40 fritters Prep Time: 1 hour, plus desalting and cooling Cook Time: 30