The Best Marinades for BBQ Season, According to Chefs

By Chowhound

“I like grilling lamb in the springtime, as it’s a bit more unexpected,” says Chef Marc Vidal of Boqueria. At the restaurant, their pintxos morunos—grilled spiced lamb skewers—are very popular and with good reason: “I marinate boneless lamb top rounds for two days with toasted cumin, coriander, fennel, onion, pimenton, and lemon and serve them with pickled shallots and salsa verde,” he says.

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Burgers You Need To Try Today. Like Right Now.

By In New York

“The Boqueria Burger ($20) is this vibrant Spanish tapas bar and restaurant’s take on a juicy burger, brand new to the lunch menu this spring. It’s made from dry-aged rib steak and brisket, topped with red wine onions, Valdeón cheese and served on a brioche bun coated with allioli, alongside piparras, french fries and mixed greens.”

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