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Boqueria Cookbook
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Boqueria; A Cookbook from Barcelona to New York

From traditional recipes like crispy patatas bravas and bacon-wrapped dates to classic favorites like garlicky sautéed shrimp, pork meatballs, and saffron-spiced seafood paella, we share the very best of Spanish cuisine.

After countless days testing Spanish recipes in our home kitchens and recalling stories from the past 10+ years since opening our first Boqueria on 19th Street, we are excited to share this book with you. In the volume of recipes, we highlight the Spanish dishes that have become Boqueria classics, and brought such fond memories to our guests over the years. But it’s more than just food— – we also tell the story of the restaurant, which has come to mean so much to us. We feel honored to have been a beloved food destination in NYC for so many years, and to have so many longtime regulars and staff that we now count as family. As much as these recipes are inspired by our fondness for the energy of Spain and our treasured time living there, they are a part of our history now, as well. We hope you enjoy these recipes and their heritage as much as we do!

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