Yá Cuvée 23

Produced at Bodegues Sumarroca
Barrio El Rebato Crta. de Sant Sadurní a Gelida, km. 15, 08739 Barcelona, Spain

Cava is Spain’s answer to Champagne, produced the same way but with different grapes. It tends to be dry but fruity. Ya Cuvee 23 is produced in Catalunya and is considered a grower Cava. It is the result of an exploration of Artisanal Grower Cavas that took place in January 2010 in Alt Penedes with the Sumarocca family winery and importer Vinos Libres. The famous story goes that the winemakers created 22 Cava blends until they found the perfect one, the 23rd blend. It was a YA! (“yes” in Spanish) Moment. It’s a fresh, clean Cava with a great nose, solid minerality, elegant mouth feel, and a soft fresh lemon finish with very persistent bubbles.

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