Churro Borough

By Passenger6A

“The classic Spanish churro has four ingredients: water, oil, flour, and salt. Accompanied by a mug of chocolate to dip them in. However, the churro 2.0 can have a whole range of ingredients.

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Wine From Infinity and Beyond

By Observer

“Head to Boqueria (any of the NYC locations) to check out their new Las Islas wine list, with offerings from the Balearic and Canary Islands. “They are totally unique and immediately attention-grabbing. It’s Spain, but it’s not,” said Kieran Chavez, beverage manager, Boqueria restaurants.

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By Nicole Cogan, No Bread

“The seafood paella was pretty much incredible, and not to be missed! Anything on the menu that contains romesco sauce has gluten, but all dishes can be prepared without this sauce.

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Spritz It Up

By Tasting Table

“In Spain, nos vamos de vermut (“let’s go have a vermouth”) is code for a leisurely midafternoon snack—something simple and salty, like canned mussels or potato chips, accompanied by a glass of vermouth, Zack Bezunartea, director of operations for Boqueria in New York and Washington, D.C., explains.

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