Recipes | Boqueria Restaurant - Part 4


Fideua Negra served on a white plate at Boqueria Spanish tapas restaurant located in NYC and Washington DC.

Shrimp, Clams, Cuttlefish, and Fideo Noodles with Squid Ink

This squid ink and toasted noodle paella is one of our all-time favorites. Try it and you’ll understand why.

Once on the table you’ll want to grab a spoon, crack through the crispy top and mix the aioli evenly throughout the inky paella until it’s as creamy as a risotto.

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Chicken and seafood paella served in a large skillet from Boqueria Spanish tapas restaurant located in NYC and Washington DC.

Chicken and Seafood Paella

This “mixta” style of paella — cooking both meat and seafood into rice — is what most people outside of Spain know and love because it’s delicious, homey, and incredibly satisfying. Below is a winning combination that we created after a trip to our local market.

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Spanish quail and porcini mushroom rice with artichokes served in large at Boqueria Spanish restaurant in NYC and DC.

Quail and Porcini Mushroom Rice with Artichokes

This is our favorite winter paella. We love the creaminess of the rice against the umami of porcini mushrooms, the gaminess of quail, and the fresh bite of artichokes and peppers. Marc created this dish from his memories of cooking at Can Jubany restaurant.

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